Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 8 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

My brain has been on overdrive for the past week or so. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm approaching the unfortunate anniversary of having been jobless for a full year - and I'm so bored and tired of being unemployed, that the whole "one year" postmark feels really significant and big - I feel anxious about the start of a second year without work - and this makes me think I need to start doing something now....rather than sitting and applying for more and more jobs, waiting to see whether or not I get lucky in the coming months - none of which is in my control and could go on and on and on.....!

As the job market isn't really too fabulous at the moment, and I don't think it's any better applying jobs in my own industry around other European countries either (with no savings I wouldn't be able to pay deposits for rental apartments nor could I transport my furniture abroad), I've been more active again at browsing jobs as a live-in housekeeper or a nanny/aupair - mainly in Switzerland and Italy. My logic is that if I would land a job like that, I could use that time (1-2 years) learning the local language while working and becoming a part of my host family - and then after a year or two I could actually start looking again for work in my own line of business; it would be easier to search jobs whilst already in Switzerland, for instance - and I think employers would also be more willing to interview/hire me as I'd be a local person....rather than someone approaching them from another country. No expat agreements required, and finding an apartment should be easier too with better language skills and the experience gathered by living locally already.

The truth is that I have nothing holding me in Finland; no family, no relatives, a handful of friends that I seem to socialize with mostly via Facebook and the odd text - and now without a job, not even an income. I will get my increased unemployment benefit (based on previous salary) for a full 500 days before it drops to the basic level - and while this won't happen before late 2014, it seems quite a risk to just be blindly optimistic and trust that I'll find a job this year. What if that will not happen ?

The downside to leaving the country would be that I would once again have to uproot myself and basically sell my furniture and give up my rental apartment - things that might seem somewhat trivial if you're about to start a new life abroad, but for me, after the last couple of years' not-so-good luck with similar attempt (the guide job) quite a scary scenario - what if things won't work out and I will have to return to Finland...and start from scratch again with no apartment and no possessions of any kind. I'm still trying to pick up the pieces after my move abroad in May 2011 when I sold and gave away all my furniture and most of my other stuff. I'm inclined to think I probably could pull this through again - but it is damn tough !

Also - if I work as domestic help for 1-2 years, will that damage my "professional status" as a job seeker when I start looking for work again ? And.....after two years I'll be 48; while I would never dream of limiting myself in any ways based on what my age is, could it be that at 48 it would prove difficult finding a new job...especially if I've taken a professional hiatus for one or two years ?

Questions, questions, questions....who has the damn answers ??

Day 8 Exercise: walking 35 minutes (raining !!!)


  1. Me painitaan nyt melkein samojen kysymysten äärellä. Mulla tosin päällänsä on Hirmuinen "Olen ollut täällä jo kolme vuotta ja se on ihan liikaa ja kaikki on kuitenkin vaan sitä samaa harmaata...."-kutka. Hinku lähteä on jälleen kova. Mulla tulisi vastaan neljäs kerta omaisuuden myynnin ja jakelun suhteen :)... Ja mä ihan oikeasti päätin silloin kolme vuotta sitten, että tällä kertaa en hanki tavaraa, asun kalustetuissa kämpissä etc.. että sitten ois helppo lähteä kun tuntuu siltä. Ei mennyt ihan niin kuin Strömsöössä... Nyt kun vielä tekisi sen päätöksen, että mitä, missä, milloin..En meinaan haluaisi lähteä jälleen ja huomata TAAS, että vaikka vaihtelu virkistää niin on se arki harmaata siellä muuallakin. Totaalinen elämänmuutos olisi siis tarpeen :)

    1. Tämä on niin raastavaa - mutta lohdullista kuulla, etten ole ainoa näiden ajatusteni kanssa :) Mulla ehdottomasti vaikuttaa tämä pitkittynyt työttömyys ja juurien puute Suomessa tähän tämän hetkiseen angstiin...mutta en menis vannomaan ettenkö olisi ainakin ajoittain yhtä tuskaisen levoton, vaikka työpaikkakin olisi.
      Tsemppiä vaan sinnekin, ja toivotaan että molemmilla ajatukset ja suunnitelmat selkiintyvät...ja edessä olisi tosiaan sitä kaivattua muutosta :)


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